what caught my attention at the bookstore?

hey folks!

tadaaaaa…see!!!! what i have grabbed from the psychology section !!

so upon the title “whatever you think , think opposite” , guys the pinch of fact that i have not really complete reading it, but i gotta tell ya i invested on a good piece.

since life at my end hasnt been a very smooth ride, i needed something to boost me up lately, and thats when i met saras for coffee and we randomly walked into a bookstore in lubyanka street..wonder who is saras??? well you will know her in my upcoming posts, keep a pause there yeah..

lets come to the real deal, allow me to narate a little from what i have read by far. if u guys r looking for a good command of english, this book is exclusive! moreover, not like other psychology books that emphasises the do’s and dont’s in life, this book actually makes you think beyond that fact.

this book are not wordly at mere, but it has beautiful illustartions. its captivating for a reader like me whom easily be ammused with pictures. it builds more interest to actually turn to the next page.IMAG4392[1]

okay,lets move to the most important part, why this book? what about the content?  well, this book literally states the benefits of making WRONG decision (shocked????) …yar … this book says that taking wrong decisions actually benefits one, shows how risk is security in your life…and explains that unreason is the best reason to move forward. 

i have plucked a several phrases from the book which seemed interesting and easy:

” i wish means: wouldnt it be nice if…..”

if you always make the right decision,

the safe decision, the one most people make.

you will be the same as everyone else.

always wishing life was different.”

“no ONE but NO….”

it is fashionable for so called thinking people try to lose their ego.

well they should think a bit harder.

presumably we were given egos for a reason.

great people have great egos, maybe thats what makee them great.

so let us put it to good use rather than try to deny it.

lifes all about ME anyway.

so guys …look for this book at your nearest bookstore for it may change your perspective on how you look at life and its offerings.. this author whom is known for his collection “ITS NOT HOW GOOD YOU ARE, ITS HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO BE” has proven that good books dont give up all their secrets at once.. i am personally looking forward to many of his collections.


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