i showed up at the art outlet !!!

hey earthlings,

well, yesterday was the day I jumped off my comfort zone and spend hours at an art shop nearby my living. guess what ??I don’t regret the hours spent cause I picked a new hobby now. yes walking around perfect set up of Leonardo Art Shop was amazing. as you see the outlet was named after the greatest painter Leonardo Da Vinci… it speaks a lot about art, architecture and etc.

what can you find there?/// okay, that’s more like what can’t you find in there…they had a large scale of supply on hand works like needles, painting brushes, frames, threads, beads , planks and many more interesting items.

a few captivating pictures from the gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wonder what a new hobby I picked? Being a student I didn’t want to spend much so I got my self Qulling papers… and I watched a few videos on you tube and started my hands on it…

It was as simple as you wouldn’t imagine. . What can this quilling set purpose you?

Well you can mend ur own customised birthday cards, deco purposes and even borders to your sideboards…

Here are some snaps on my quilzz…

Yeah that’s the beauty of picking a hobby… I loved mine, so why don’t you guys go venture out yours at the nearest art outlet…

Have a great day 💓💓💓

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