First step onto 2018 with the right foot


Penning on my new year resolutions these days has made an affirmation that I have only grown stronger by each passing year! 2017 has been more of a wild roller coaster ride as being said  I was facing so much on my end especially when I was unfortunate to be back on my summer schedule. I did not stand a chance of meeting my parents and brother, having to lose my pet ‘ cutie  ‘ and to add on, I was  having much of a dent in the university with my outstanding fee, having my colleague return to her country in the midst of the term for visa issues , and much more petty issues coming up now and then. It was so sore to even breathe when I had to take in each day rising a new issue to deal with. So it didn’t just stay there, I started realising the count of humans I can rely on, the breaking of friendships, the loss of humanity in the elders, and the power abuse by educators.

That’s the dark nights of my crying eyes but I also had the blooming days of my life in 2017. It was a fair share after all. I had a great summer in here, as Moscow was so beautiful in the summer with the company of my friend Keji and the number of strangers I call friends now.  I rarely fell sick throughout 2017 and that alone made me strong enough to face all the challenges. I definitely felt more loved each day by my parents and brother and that speaks a lot about how I managed my 2017 without giving up.

Being surrounded by various characters of people, such as the fake ones, the ones with neutralism behaviour, the greedy ones, the pretentious,  the opportunistic ones, dudeeeee… I survived these humansssssss!!!!!! merely because I believed every person I met and every scenario I experienced were gods plans. Despite, I had always been blessed with beautiful souls I call friends which are just a number of them who caught me before falling, who pushed me to face the reality, who held me before I gave up, who helped me in every difficult situation, they are the rare ones on definite. They helped without expectations, without any return and always kept me going. Deepan , Mali , Keji , Thivya , Cynthia , Nazirah and Wendy , ill definitely want this names to stay documented as they are those I count on and never left me when I am in despair! thank you alone isn’t enough for this amazing humans i have in my circle ❤


My parents and Rinnesh have been and will always be my greatest support system in life. With all these reasons of people to live, why would I fall back and give up.. that’s a big No! SO I’m eager to start the year with the very much interesting challenges awaiting me, I would say I’m prepared to face it all regardless the bumps and holes. i have got my list of resolutions to be made and shared with you guys but of course, its gonna be on my next write up.. aint’ want this to be lengthy and boring.





Here are some clicks on my new year celebrations all the way from Moscow. It started with a blast and always feel amazed at how important is the firework displays among the nations.


happy new year once again


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