Breathing in snowflakes

I am not much a fan of the winter but what I adore is how magical it is to witness the snowfall. when the snowflakes on the coat seem like a broad smile and how fragile a creation of God is. Living in Moscow for the past five years has grown me fonder towards the variation of 4 seasons. Been brought up in the south-east, I have only experience sunshine and rain falls.

Being grumpy on winter is only gonna put me at loss to the creation of god.  I have realised today while I was sipping on my cup of tea by the window how lucky am I to wake up to snowfall and to see my toes and fingers glow in red. It adds colours to life!

ways to appreciate winter :

*pick a new winter sport; ski, snowboarding, ice skating

*visit more indoor cafes and museums as it may keep you warm and more adventurous

*conduct home parties and events, invite friends and family_ perhaps a good time to catch up

*start on a new novel and write the summary, and eventually you are hooked on journalling as I am 

*do some gardening, YES! discover them the winter plants. get to know if you have green fingers yet then.

*plan a mid-winter trip to travel with buddies, breathe a new air is always a bliss

*more reason to cuddles, winter love ❤

So yeah winter isn’t as bad after all if you look at it in a more positive view…

“It beautifies as it covers the path,

It’s soft and fragile,

Feels the heart with clarity,

Creates a track as we walk on the white powder!







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